Todd Hall School
  • Re-Registration for the 2016-2017 school year

    An email was sent on March 8th from Lincolnwood School District 74 which included a SnapCode link that leads directly into the Lincolnwood School District's InfoSnap online re-registration portal. If you did not see the email, please check your spam or junk folders. You may contact your child's school if you would like to request a second SnapCode email.


    Important Details

    There is a $50.00 Early Registration Incentive given to each family unit who re-registers all SD74 children by May 1, 2016.


    There is a $25.00 Late Registration Fee applied to the account for each child whose fees are not paid in full by September 7, 2016.


    Ready to Pay 2016-17 School Registration Fees?

    There is a new District Web Store that has replaced E-Pay. Please go to this link: District Web Store for 2016-17 Registration payments. Starting August 15th, you will also be able to add funds to your student's 2016-17 lunch program and pay other miscellaneous fess. Look for this icon on the front page of the District or school websites:




    Here are the required and optional purchases you can make in the Web Store by school:


    Todd Hall
    Pre-Kindergarten Tuition Quarterly Payment (Required)
    K-2 Registration Fee (Required)
    Pre-Kindergarten Tuition Full Payment (Optional)
    PTA Membership (Optional)


    Rutledge Hall
    Grades 3-5 Registration Fee (Required)
    Band (Optional for Grades 4 & 5 only)
    Orchestra (Optional for Grades 4 & 5 only)
    PTA Membership (Optional)


    Lincoln Hall
    Grades 6-8 Registration Fee (Required)
    Graduation Fee (Required for Grade 8 Only)
    P.E. Shirt (Required for 6th/Optional for 7th & 8th)
    P.E. Shorts (Required for 6th/Optional for 7th & 8th)
    Band (Optional)
    Orchestra (Optional)
    PTA Membership (Optional)