1. Who should I call if I have questions for PowerSchool or for general attendance questions?

Please call the appropriate school office:
Lincoln Hall - 847-675-8240              Rutledge Hall - 847-675-8236

2. Who should I call for grades and attendance in a specific class?

Please contact the specific teacher

3. Do all teachers post grades and attendance?

Currently, Lincoln Hall and Rutledge Hall teachers are posting grades and attendance. The PowerSchool Student Information System pulls this information automatically from the data entered in the teacher's grade book. Grades and attendance information are available for viewing as soon as a teacher enters the information in their grade book.

4. How often can we expect grades to be updated?

At Lincoln Hall, grades are updated weekly. At Rutledge Hall, the system is in the implementation phase. Contact Rutledge Hall's principal for more information.

5. How often can we expect attendance to be updated?

At Lincoln Hall, teachers are asked to record attendance each class period. At Rutledge Hall, teachers record attendance in their homeroom period every morning. Teachers may only enter attendance codes for Absence (A), Tardy-excused (T) or Tardy-unexcused (TU). All other codes such as Field Trip (F) or Nurse Visit (N) are entered by the main office. The office enters a wide range of codes as they receive information from parents or other locations where attendance is monitored. Procedures for excusing your child from school remain the same.

6. What is the grading scale?

Lincoln Hall:

A+ 98-100%
A 92-97%
A- 90-91%
B+ 88-89%
B 82-87%
B- 80-81%
C+ 78-79%
C 72-77%
C- 70-71%
D+ 68-69%
D 62-67%
D- 60-61%
NG No Grade
I Incomplete
F Below 60% (Failure)


Rutledge Hall:
Standards Progress Indicators

ME Meets Expectations
BE Below Expectations
W Warning


5th grade-Reading and Math only Letter Grades (in addition to Standards Progress Indicators)

A+ 100%
A 93-99%
A- 90-92%
B+ 88-89%
B 83-87%
B- 80-82%
C+ 78-79%
C 73-77%
C- 70-72%
D+ 68-69%
D 63-67%
D- 60-62%
F 59% and below
I Incomplete
NG No Grade


Lincolnwood School District 74
6950 N. East Prairie Road
Lincolnwood, IL 60712
Phone: 847-675-8234 | Fax: 847-675-420