• We have recently adopted the McGraw Hill Middle School math program which is aligned to common core standards for mathematics. In my class I am using the Course 1 and Course 2 books. The series offers a wide variety of materials including support for struggling students and enrichment for those that need an extra challenge. Additionally, it comes with ALEKS which is an online program that provides students with practice on skills outside of what we are doing in class. Below are links to online resources we often use in class. Your student can provide login information for each one. 


    How Often will my student have homework?

    Students are assigned 20-40 minutes of homework most nights. Typically, there is not homework  on the weekends and over breaks, but that is not a rule.

    Some students may finish the homework or  complete a portion of it in school. However,  most students should be bringing home some homework almost every night.

    There are two projects students complete during the year. The first one is December-January and the second is in May. During this time, students will not have specific written homework on most nights, but should be keeping up with their projects outside of class. 

    If any student is spending over an hour  or less than 15 minutes on most nights, please contact me to discuss what we can do to best meet the needs of your students.


    Where do you find the Homework? 

    All assignments and updates are posted on Schoology (Sd74.schoology.com)

    Parents were given unique logins for this site, but they can also use thier child's login information if needed.


    If a parent misplaced their login information, they may get another copy by emailing mlaske@sd74.org