• "Thank you so very much for granting our requests for educational carpets for our classrooms! We know that the children will benefit from these carpets in many ways for years to come. We are very fortunate to have such a great PTA that does such wonderful things for our school community!"

    -Ann Melissaratos & Krissy Cardo, TH 1st Grade Teachers

    "I cannot thank you enough for purchasing the book display for my classroom. My students will greatly appreciate it as well. It will make their choice of books that much easier and more enjoyable. Thanks aain for your support in doing what is best for kids!"

    -Jill Litwin, RH EL Teacher


    "Thank you so much for the grant for the Breakout EDU kits. We are so excited about using them with the students. It will be such a wonderful learning experience for the kids and teachers. Thanks again!"

    -Maureen Cook & Lisa Nanus, TH 2nd Grade Teachers


     "I just want to repeat the sentiments of Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Nanus and say THANK YOU so much for the Breakout EDU kits. It will be such a fun, engaging, and exciting learning tool for the students and teachers - we can't wait! Thank again for this gift and all your support."

    -Chris Edman, TH Instructional Coach


    "Thank you very much for the Daily 5 Book Boxes! I look forward to using them in my classroom for many years to come! The children will love them!"

    -Shari McAdams, TH 1st Grade Teacher


    "Thank you very much for the pencil and crayon sharpeners for our classrooms. They have already been put to use!"

    -TH 1st Grade Team 


    "Thank you so very much for the Ultimate Bingo set! We are very excited for our upcoming Bagels & Bingo fun days. On behalf of the students of LH and our PBIS committee a big thank you!"

    -Stephanie Shortell, LH PBIS Committee


    "Many thanks for your generous recognition throughout the week and especially on Friday - the food trucks are such a great idea! I loved getting to spend time with my colleagues and truly felt appreciated!"

    -Courtney Greene, LH Food Science


    "Dear PTA, thank you so much for treating all of us to a great week last week. The raffles were fun and greatly enjoyed, as was the wonderful lunch. We appreciate all you do for us and for our students."

    -Dr. Weiss, LH Principal


    "Dear PTA, thank you for a special week of feeling appreciated. It started with a surprise raffle win on Monday morning and finished with the delicious lunch on Friday. It is truly an honor to teach in such a wonderful district and community. Thanks for your commitment to the children of Lincolnwood."

    -Cathy Winckler, RH EL Teacher


    "Dear PTA members, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the wonderful teacher appreciation week raffle prizes! I was a fortunate winner and the gesture is something I greatly appreciate. My first year in SD74 has opened my eyes to all of the amazing things that Lincolnwood has to offer and none of that would be possible without amazing people like you all. I come to work everyday excited and thankful for the opportunity I have to work in such an amazing place where supportive parents make our jobs so much better. Thank you."

    -Brendan Ryan, RH PE Teacher


    "Dear PTA, thank you very much for supporting the first grade gym show with their snack and water. The students just love getting their snack after their show. Thanks again."

    -1st Grade Students & Mrs. Schremser


    "Dear Lincolnwood PTA, on behalf of the student body of Lincoln Hall Middle School, I would like to thank you for your generous to Lincoln Hall's Library. Your $1000 gift purchased many populator fiction and non-fiction titles that our students will enjoy for years to come."

    -Lori McGreal, Library Media Specialist at Lincoln Hall


    "SD74 PTA - Thank you for your very generous donation of books to the Todd Hall Library. The materials have been cataloged and are ready for the shelves! The students are very excited and some of the books already have a short waiting list of eager readers. Thank you for your continued support of the District libraries. We appreciate all the hard work you do for our students."

    -Kelly Tokarski, Todd Hall Librarian


    "Dear PTA, thank you so much for the donation toward our annual student wellness day. We will use the money to provide a healthy snack to the students. I know that they will great appreciate it."

    -Jean Weiss, Lincoln Hall Principal & LH Staff


    "Thank yous" the PTA received in response to the new playground equipment...


    "Thank you for the great additions to the playground!"

    -Mrs. Cook


    "Many thanks to the PTA for the fun playground activities. Thank you for your hard work. Such a wonderful addition!"

    -Mrs. Hammel


    "Thank you for helping make our playground even more fun for our students! The additions are great! :)"

    -Ms. Park


    "Thank you SO much for the wonderful activities. The kids will have a blast playing on them."

    -Mrs. Nanus


    "Thank you! Thank you! The kids will love the new addition. We appreciate all your hard work."

    -Mrs. Walas


    "PTA, Thank you so much for the fantastic new playground activities! The kids are so excited about it!"

    -Ms. Golden


    Many thanks to the PTA from staff (May 2016):


    "I would like to thank you for the lovely Bath & Body Works gift set raffle prize that I won yesterday during the staff appreciation raffle. Everyone really has been enjoying this new addition this year...especially the students. It was such a pleasant surprise hearing my name called and having students throughout the day congratulate me, as well as ask what I won. We are looking forward to the food truck lunch tomorrow. Thank you for an action packed week and for the new, fresh ideas!"

    "Thank you so much for the Bath and Body Works raffle gift!!! Feeling very appreciated today!"


    "Thank you very much for giving Todd Hall the pulse rate monitor. The children will be excited!"


    "Thank you so much for funding our grant request for the Bidopolis Bilder sets. We can't wait to try them out. Thank you also for all your hard work and all that you do for our District!"


    "Just a note to express our thanks for treating us to lunch on Friday. An extra-special thanks to Mrs. Barnabas for the delicious cakes, as well. It was such a wonderful personal touch and we appreciated it. Thanks so much!"


    "Wow! Thank you for your generousity granting our request. The kids will be so excited to see these games in the room! Thank you!"


    "Students are very lucky to have a supportive PTA. Thank you for purchasing new games for our students to enjoy!"


    "Thank you so much for your generosity and for the awesome educational game our kids will have to play in the room! You've given our classes such a great gift! Thank you for all you do!"


    "Thank you for all that you do for us and our students. We really appreciate all your efforts."


    "Thank you so much for the fantastic new games. The students are going to be so excited to play. We really appreciate all you do!"


    "When I won the raffle drawing, the kids cheered and screamed as they heard my name called, it was just priceless. Thank you!"


    "To the PTA: On behalf of the Lincoln Hall Middle School Physical Education Department and Lincoln Hall Middle School Interscholastic Sports Program, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude for the new padded sports chairs and storage cart you have provided. Our teams and their opponents have already gotten great use from them and we have received many compliments on how well they enhance our facility. I can't thank you enough for your continued support."

    -Lincoln Hall Middle School Physical Education Teacher, 2016