• 7th grade English


    Dear Parents and Students,

    Our 7th grade reading program is designed to challenge the student’s thinking about literature by exploring a broad spectrum of genres: historical fiction, short stories, realistic fiction, drama, nonfiction, poetry, and novel study. Independent reading will be an expectation of the class, involving library visits and short book summaries. We will begin each unit by posing an “essential question” and end the unit with a performance task. Most information can be accessed via our classroom Schoology site.


    Pearson Common Core Literature. Students will read and annotate fiction stories, non- fiction essays, poetry and plays.

    Other reading materials:

    The students will read a variety of short stories and the novel, The Giver by Lowry. 

    Behavior Expectations: Our classroom rules are based on Lincoln Hall’s expectations of Respect, Responsibility, and Safety.

    Absence procedure: If you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed. You should check Schoology. If you feel well, you can complete and submit work from home.

    Homework: Homework is meant to help you learn. If you choose not to complete the homework you will most likely become behind in work that is graded and you may not be prepared for assessments. Homework information can be found on Schoology site.

    Extra Help: I am available after school until 4:00 on most school days. There is also help available before school in the LMC from 7:30 - 8:00 and after school from 3:30-4:20. I encourage students to come anytime to ask me questions if they are struggling with concepts. I am happy to help and make each students 7th grade year a successful one!