• Apple Store Learning, GameOn World, & Summer Tech Skills

    Posted by Karen Fuentes on 5/25/2018

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    Apple Store Learning
    Check out an Apple store near you for creative and fun sessions to enhance your tech skills! 


    GameOn World
    GameOn World is multiplayer learning and review game that is similar in structure to Kahoot. While it emphasizes Geography and Social Studies, there are a variety of game categories to choose from including Science, Estimation, and Mental Math.  


    Summer Tech Skills
    Here are some relaxing free ways to keep up and improve your tech skills over the summer! Come back in the fall with new skills and/or new certifications!


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  • Formative Assessment Quiz, Comment on Non-Google Files, & Free eBook Library

    Posted by Karen Fuentes on 4/27/2018

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    Formative Assessment Quiz
    A teacher’s value lies not in the ability to grade basic skills, but rather in the ability to encourage students, provide high-quality feedback, and increase critical thinking.  For DOK 1 and DOK 2 tasks, consider using applications that do the grading for you and can even provide students immediate feedback.


    Comment on Non-Google Files
    Google has recently rolled out a new useful feature for Google Drive:  the ability to comment on non-Google files. You can now comment directly on files such as images, PDFs, or Word documents.


    Free eBook Library
    Popup Picks is a library of free e-books that features collections curated by librarians and book industry experts. Collections change quarterly and include award-winning sci-fi, travel, humor, self-help, graphic novels, and other e-books.

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  • Schoololgy Assessment Videos, iPad Screen Recording & Google Form Quizzes

    Posted by Karen Fuentes on 2/28/2018

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    Schoology - Assessment Videos
    Come Explore 15 Different Schoology Assessment Question Types

    iPad Screen Recording
    With the release of iOS 11, the ability to record what is happening on an iPad and narrate over the recording is now a built-in feature of iOS devices.

    Google Forms Quizzes
    Google Forms allows teachers to create quizzes that will self-grade if the questions are multiple choice.

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