• Welcome to 6th grade STEM at Lincoln Hall! As part of the Lincolnwood District 74 Strategic Plan1, all Lincolnwood students will experience STEM as a core academic subject. Keep reading to learn more!



    What is Stem?

    STEM Occupations

    STEM is an interdisciplinary class that draws skills and inspiration from the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to solve 21st century problems. STEM developed as an academic subject in recognition that many of the careers awaiting our students will require skills and problem-solving abilities found in all four STEM disciplines.



    What do we do in STEM?

    We solve problems.

    Our students will inherit a world with serious challenges including global food shortages2, extreme weather3, collapse of biodiversity4, and pandemic5. We believe that our students can and will solve these problems with the right inspiration and preparation.

    6th Grade STEM students use concepts from science, technology, engineering, and math to design and build solutions that help people. Over the course of the school year, students will:

    • Design and construct a prototype boot to help reduce idiopathic toe-walking in individuals with cerebral palsy.
    • Design, build, and test a model prosthetic arm. They will then present their product to and receive feedback from a certified research prosthetist.
    • Use 3D and statistical modeling to create a puzzle cube toy.
    • Research a specific symptom of cerebral palsy and design a therapeutic toy for a child with the condition.
    • Find a problem for someone in their life that can be solved with design and engineering.
    • Investigate methods for cleaning oceanic oil spills, as well as design and build a water filtration system for communities in third world countries.
    • Use math and engineering to design and build a miniature golf course.
    • Investigate the principles of flight and use a wind tunnel to design and build an airfoil (wing).
    • Use computer modeling to design, test, and build basla wood gliders.
    • Test and construct water-powered rockets and model planetary rovers.


    How can I help?

    We are always in need of parents and community members who are willing to help! If you or anyone you know in the Lincolnwood area work in a STEM field please contact Mr. Foust right away. We are eager to bring in professionals who can give presentations on their field, act as judges and give feedback on our engineering projects, or who can help with student field-testing.