• 1st Grade Textbooks

      A student may access online literacy content by logging into his or her own Pearson Ready Gen account. Your child's homeroom teacher will provide login details. Traditional textbooks are used in class, as well.

      RazKids is another online resource for practicing and enjoying literacy. Your child's homeroom teacher will also provide these login credentials. 

      Sight Words
      While there is no text book for sight words, students may practice each trimester's sight word lists from this link.

      Each student has his or her own username and password to access Everyday Mathematics Online. There is a Everyday Math workbook and four mini homework books distributed throughout the school year. There are two (2) math journals for the school year and one (1) homework journal that will be sent home. 

      Texts are used in class.

      Social Studies
      Texts are used in class.