Student Practice Resouces
    #1) Test Demo Videos
    About 15-16 minutes TOTAL to watch 7-8 videos, depending on grade level
    #2) Test Practice
    Guided tours followed by questions to practice answering
    (Listening 1-8, Reading 1-8, Speaking 1-8, Writing 4-8 only, Handwriting 4-8 only)
    #3) Sample Items
    Simply questions without any guided tour to help

    Prepare for ACCESS Administration

    Two WIDA Sites-Know Your Login Credentials for Both!

    WIDA.US provides training materials, modules to pass and testing manuals.  Click "My Account & Secure Portal"
    Once training is complete, please send a PDF of your Training Certificate to Dr. David Russo
    WIDA-AMS will reveal students' status during testing.  It will also show gr. 1-3 the report to access before Writing starts.

    Know the WIDA Scales

    • Kindergarten: Six parts to the test (L&S, R, W tested once for narrative, and again for expository which yields a total of 6 parts). These can be scored at 5 levels.  See manual p. 7 for a diagram.
    • 1st-12th Grades: 3 criteria areas for each of the 5 levels.  See p. 9-10 in your manual.


    Responsibilities of a Test Administrator (Teacher-Proctor)

    1-Read the appropriate manual(s) for the tests you will administer
    2-Ensure security throughout test window
    3-Complete training & certificate completion requirements on the WIDA.US site
    4-Instead of editing/creating test sessions in the WIDA-AMS portal, please publish your sessions on the shared Google Sheet so Admin Tech can set them up in WIDA-AMS
    5-Take time (you and the students) to do the Test Demo and Test Practice experiences
    ​6-Receive and inventory test materials from Test Coordinator (Dr. Russo to Principal)
    7-Provide & document appropriate accommodations for students
    8-Monitor students to make sure they can use the online test system (they use INSIGHT on desktop/Applications folder, too)
    9-Know how to set up the Blue Snowball microphone & headphones for the Speaking test
    10-Return all test materials to Test Coordinator (Principal to Dr. Russo)

    It's Testing Day!

    Order of Testing Matters for Computer Testing

    1st-Listening, 2nd-Speaking, 3rd/4th-Reading & Writing are interchangeable...ABC order makes it easy to remember!


    Kindergarten Materials & Expectations for Paper Testing

    Designed to be given during ONE 45-minute sitting with a break between C and D.  Break cannot go beyond 2 days.
    Students do their own writing only on the writing tests.  Accommodations start on p. 45 of the manual.
    1-Kindergarten Test Administration Manual (52 pages), 2-Kdg. Student Storybook, 3-Kdg. Student Response Book,
    ​4-Kdg. Test Administrator Script, 5-Kdg. Student Activity Board, 6-Kdg. Cards & Card Pouch Booklet, 7-No. 2 Pencils
    After each student leaves, review the Student Response Booklet and make sure all parts of the test have been scored.