• 6th Grade Textbooks

    Teachers use Schoology, Lincoln Hall's learning management system, to communicate a variety of class information, especially details about assignments. As a parent, you may create your own Schoology account and associate your child's account with your own account to see this information first-hand. A page containing these directions was mailed in September 2016. If you need account details or help navigating your Schoology account, please contact Instructional Coach, Mark Laske.


    Language Arts & Reading
    Students may access online literacy content by logging into his or her own Pearson CC Literature account
    Write Traits Student Traitbook
    Write Source Skills Book
    Workbooks are kept in class
    Novels: Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library (paperback), Animal Farm (paperback)

    GATE/Advanced: Word Within the Word vocabulary book
    GATE/Advanced Novels

    • Murder on the Orient Express (paperback)
    • The Hound of the Baskervilles (Actively Learn)
    • Shakespeare play (paperback--title varies from year to year)
    • Animal Farm (paperback)
    • East (Actively Learn)


    Each student has access to ConnectED Math
    Workbooks, volumes 1 & 2


    Holt McDougal textbook kept in class
    Interactive reading assignments via Actively Learn


    Social Science
    There is an online text via TCI History Alive! which includes the Interactive Student Notebook, grammar, practice quizzes, and enrichment/extension
    Teacher Name: wkotrba / Username: firstlast / Password: Sd74####


    There is a workbook stored in class that goes home for assignments