• January 2021

    Posted by Annelisse Rivera Lopez on 1/10/2022

    January's Themes-

    WINTER- 1/3

    This is our REVIEW week. We will be going over some of our favorite activities (capital letter. number, sharing, etc)

    No new letter of the week


    SNOWFLAKES- 1/10

    This week we will be learning all about snowflakes. What makes them unique, what they are made out of, and even observing them outside. 

    Our letter of the week is E. Make sure to ask about words that start with the letter E.

    We have begun practicing cutting with scissors, and using scissor safety in the classroom (which means scissors are only for paper).

    Our math lesson this week is on problem solving, which means using our knowledge of things we already know, to solve a problem. We have also been practicing matching quantities.


    POLAR BEARS 1/17

    This week was all about polar animals. We identified a few animals, like penguins, wolves, caribou, and polar bears. On our last day, we even got to practice walking like a penguin! We put on some flippers, and we became penguins for a day collecting eggs around the classroom.

    We are working with Letter H this week. Be sure to ask about words that start with Letter H.

    We have also worked more intensely with recognizing letter sounds.

    In math, we began sorting with two or more attributes. We sorted by color and size, size and shape, shape and color, and more!

    OCEANS- 1/24

    This week we are learning about the ocean! We took a closer look into why the sea is salty, and the difference between fresh and salt water. We predicted if our gems would float in our "Sink or Float" experiment. We also learned about the "hula", a special dance they do in Hawaii!

    This week's Letter was both T and I, Be sure to ask about words that start with Letter T and I.

    We also worked on problem sizes this week. We talked about ways to solve a problem, and how to tell when something is a big or small problem.





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