• Re-Registration for the 2024-25 School Year

    An email was sent on March 15, 2024 from Lincolnwood School District 74. The message included a link leading directly to the Lincolnwood School District's online re-registration portal and your child's individual snapcode. If you do not see this email, please check your spam or junk folders. You may contact your child's school if you would like to request a second email. You will need the snapcode to begin re-registration.


    Important Fee Details

    There is a $20.00 Early Registration Incentive in the form of a lunch credit given to each K-8 student who is completely re-registered by May 10, 2024, with full payment submitted. Re-registration must be complete, meaning all required paperwork has been submitted and approved, along with full fee payment.

    There will be a $25.00 Late Registration Fee applied to the account for each student beginning August 1, 2024.


    Ready to Pay 2024-25 School Registration Fees?

    Please go to this link: District Web Store for 2024-25 registration payments. 


    Required and Optional Purchases:

    Todd Hall
    Pre-Kindergarten Tuition Quarterly Payment (Required)
    K-2 Registration Fee (Required)
    Pre-Kindergarten Tuition Full Payment (Optional)


    Rutledge Hall
    Grades 3-5 Registration Fee (Required)
    Band (Optional for Grades 4 & 5 only)
    Orchestra (Optional for Grades 4 & 5 only)


    Lincoln Hall
    Grades 6-8 Registration Fee (Required)
    Note: The Grade 8 fee includes a Graduation Fee.
    Band (Optional)
    Orchestra (Optional)


    Registration Contact Information:

    Lincoln Hall: Carol Krikorian, Mel Jarosz
    Contact: ckrikorian@sd74.orgmjarosz@sd74.org, 847-675-8240

    Rutledge Hall: Raisa Martin
    Contact: rmartin@sd74.org, 847-675-8236

    Todd Hall: Jessica Tarnoff
    Contact: jtarnoff@sd74.org, 847-675-8235


    For additional registration questions, please contact:

    SD74 Administration Building: Jennifer Tianis
    Phone: 847-675-8234
    Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


    For tech assistance with registration, please contact techsupport@sd74.org.