• Space

    Posted by Annelisse Rivera Lopez on 3/13/2023

    This week was all about Outer Space! We got to play with some cool space toys, and learn about how astronauts live while they are up in space. We had a real astronaut read us a story from space, and saw how no gravity can make people float.

    We sang a new planets song, and we talked about the planets in our solar system. Some of our favorites were Mercury, Uranus and Earth.

    Our letter of the week is P and we review some different math concepts like sorting, and number sense.

    Exploring the Universe: Space Guess Quest Game | NISE Network

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  • Pets

    Posted by Annelisse Rivera Lopez on 3/6/2023

    This week is all about Pets! We talked about different kinds of pets, and what we would need to take care of them. All living things need food, water, and shelter to be able to live and grow.

    We got to talk about some of our own pets, and choose which pets we liked the best.

    In Mystery Science, we looked into the question "Do animals laugh?". We learned that lots of animals mimic different emotions and things that humans do. This is why it sometimes looks and sounds like animals laughing.

    Our letter of the week is D, and our math lesson this week was learning Left and Right.

    Jumbo Pets

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