• School Lunch Program


    District 74 is proud to offer a food service program with new menus for all students this year. The Food Service Committee met for several months working together to improve the menus and food preparation procedures in order to have better and healthier food options in all District 74 schools.


    The District’s Strategic Plan Goal #2C. states: District 74 is to review, develop, and implement a food service program that increases student participation by serving a variety of delicious, nutritious meals. With the new food service that has been put into place, the District will be fulfilling this goal. 


    Every month, there will be a new menu for each school posted on the website. There will be new entrees cooked daily. Each entree will include fresh fruits and vegetables. Monthly, there will be a new “scratch” item added to the menu. These items are made by scratch in the school kitchens. There will be meat and vegetarian items available at all three schools. Students have a variety of daily entree choices. Several items were taste-tested last month by the Food Service Committee, some parents, staff, and student volunteers. All tasters seemed to be quite happy with the new food items. Students will continue to test new food items throughout the year.


    At Lincoln Hall, a la carte items will no longer be available. What’s new at Lincoln Hall? A daily, fresh salad bar that is FREE to all LH students, even if students bring their own lunch from home. Entrees will be $2.50, plus a student at LH may purchase an additional second entree for only $1.85. Drinks will be available for purchase and the options will be: Prairie Farm Milk - 1% white milk, chocolate skim milk, and bottled water.  


    Nutritional information is available in each school nurse’s office.


    Total Access (Lunch System) - Click to view your account and check balances.

    Questions: Contact Angie Schmidt, Food Service Coordinator at 847-745-3855