• Dear Lincolnwood 74 Families and Community Members,


    Lincolnwood School District 74 is dedicated to maintaining an open channel of communication between parents/community and SD74 at all times. Please see the items, below, to get a better idea of how the District communicates:


    • www.sd74.org
    • Twitter (@lincolnwoodSD74)
    • Email and Telephone Announcements
    • Lincolnwood Review, Chicago Tribune
    • Board Briefs
    • Tuesday Newsday - biweekly newsletter
    • Compass Points - received by all Lincolnwood residents twice a year


    If you have any questions, comments, and/or concerns about SD74 Communications, please feel free to give me a call at 847-675-8234. I am always open to receiving input and having meaningful conversations about your ideas for the District and look forward to working together as one. As a Niles West Alum and resident of Lincolnwood myself, I understand and appreciate how great this District is. Your community is my community.


    If you are interested in receiving information from Lincolnwood School District 74 via email and you currently DO NOT have children attending school in our District, please JOIN NOW!

  • caudisho


    Christina Audisho
    Communications Coordinator