Lincoln Hall Plan

Communication Timeline of Lincoln Hall Middle School Building Project



    As of 07/19/17
    As of 01/09/17

    As of 12/01/16

    As of 08/04/16

    As of 07/15/16

    As of 06/15/16

    As of 05/27/16




    • Installation of construction fence around the school for safety
    • Installation of Jersey barriers

    “New” cafeteria area:

    • All MEP rough install is complete in cafeteria and kitchen
    • New cafeteria kitchen epoxy flooring in the process of being installed
    • Kitchen walk in freezer and cooler are set in place
    • Cafeteria drywall framing and ceiling grid is underway
    • Install kitchen hood
    • Sprinkler system rough in
    • Cafeteria build - masonry walls
    • Electrical rough in kitchen
    • HVAC - kitchen and ceiling rough in
    • Start MEP rough in dining area
    • Plumbing rough in
    • Completed demolition
    • Grade/pour cafeteria slab on grade
    • Cut off/disconnection of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing in this area
    • Demolition of walls and removal of floors
    • Plumbing “roughed in”
    • Pour slab on grade
    • Masonry walls built


    “New” student services area:

    • Administration offices are complete and occupied over Winter Break
    • The main entrance is complete with the exception of the West Wall security glass
    • The 1st floor Octagon space is complete including the installation of the jaguar logo
    • Water infiltration originating from the Octagon tower has been rectified
    • Plaster systems on the exterior canopy roof is complete
    • Punch list work is nearing completion
    • All steel work is complete with exception of in progress steel canopy framing
    • Exterior masonry wall construction is copmlete. Brick cleaning and joint caulking is underway
    • Permanent roof work is in progress sequenced with 3rd floor roof, followed by 1st floor roof work and ending with the 2nd floor roof and canopy
    • The center stair is complete and available for emergency exiting duty
    • Skylight install at roof of the center stair commenced on 11/10/16
    • Mechanical, plumbing, and electrical is 75% complete
    • All foundation walls are complete
    • Structural steel is 75% complete
    • Masonry walls on west side are in progress
    • Backfill west foundation walls
    • Complete concrete footings
    • Set roof steel
    • Second floor masonry
    • Start structural steel erection
    • Complete west footings foundations
    • Demolition of area (75% completed)
    • Start elevation of elevator pit
    • Removal of playground equipment
    • Layout for foundation
    • Cut area to sub grade
    • Dig for footings
    • Pour footings
    • Pour foundation walls
    • Backfill Foundation walls
    • Start masonry walls


    STEM Courtyard

    • Library millwork Room E340 has been reconfigured and is complete
    • Punchlist work is 100% complete
    • Drinking fountain revisions have been completed utilizing bottle filler
    • All concrete floors and toppings are complete except for maintenance and prep storage
    • Roofing over the 3-story addition is complete
    • Window installation is underway
    • Relocation of the courtyard HW piping is 100% complete
    • Framing of drywall partitions is 75% complete
    • HVAC and electrical rough is being completed
    • Roof steel and deck
    • Pour 2nd/3rd floor toppings
    • Set roof steel and deck
    • Exterior masonry on curved wall
    • Set second floor precast
    • Set second floor steel
    • Protect new concrete for demo
    • Library interior demo completed
    • Shoring and temp walls
    • Steel erect columns and first floor beams
    • Set first floor precast
    • Set second floor precast
    • Complete library demolition
    • Backfill HW piping
    • Saw cut, excavation, and weld/install HW piping
    • Drain system and connect
    • Removal of site concrete
    • Excavation for footings
    • Pour footings
    • Pour foundation walls
    • Protect new concrete for demo
    • Start demo


    “New” Fine Arts area

    • The Map of the World is underway
    • All walls are complete
    • All MEP rough is complete
    • Ceiling grid work has started
    • Drywall taping and prime coat has started
    • Begin interior walls
    • Set HM frames
    • Patch concrete north rooms
    • Complete underground plumbing
    • MEP ceiling rough in
    • Demo north side of room 136
    • Demo south side of room 130
    • Abatement in kitchen area
    • Underground plumbing
    • Patch concrete south rooms

    Site Development

    • Asphalt pavement binder course has been installed. Surface coat will be applied in the spring.
    • New bollards are on site
    • Asphalt pavement performed during week of 11/22/16
    • All underground water retention piping is installed and complete
    • Lawn irrigation piping is installed
    • Installation of sod is underway
    • Installation of the new sanitary sewer piping in the courtyard is underway
    • Istallation of the new storm sewer piping in the courtyard is also underway


    In conjunction with the Lincoln Hall Construction Project, the kitchens at both Rutledge Hall and Todd Hall will be remodeled. On May 25th, demolition began in both kitchens to start these remodeling projects.



    • Punchlist is complete
    • Requested adjustments are 99% complete
    • Epoxy flooring is complete
    • Kitchen equipment being delivered
    • Finish out of the ceiling system, acoustical tiles and lighting is underway
    • Paint walls
    • Set roof handrails
    • Gypsum board ceiling framing
    • MEP ceiling and wall rough
    • Demolition
    • Underground plumbing
    • Set make up air unit
    • Set steel for exhaust fans
    • Install exhaust fans
    • Concrete slab on grade



    • Punchlist is complete
    • Requested adjustments are 99% complete
    • Epoxy flooring is complete
    • Kitchen equipment being delivered
    • Finish out of the ceiling system, acoustical tiles and lighting is underway
    • Paint walls
    • Acoustical grid framing
    • Set roof handrails
    • MEP ceiling and wall rough
    • Install music storage roof and gutter
    • Demolition
    • Music storage foundations
    • Trash enclosure concrete
    • Exterior masonry
    • Underground plumbing
    • Concrete slab-on-grade
    • Set steel for exhaust fans




    • Roofing work is complete
    • Ceiling Acoustical Panel and Painting work is 95% complete
    • Abatement work complete

    Health & Fitness

    • Demolition work is complete
    • Abatement work is complete
    • MEP rough-in work has begun
    • RTU-15 curb and unit have been set with related roof patch complete
    • Concrete floor patch and floor penetration infill work is complete
    • 2nd floor access platform is in place

    Orchestra Room & 1st Floor Bathrooms

    • Demolition work is complete
    • Masonry work is complete in the Orchestra room and 90% complete in the bathrooms
    • Ceiling MEP rough-in work is underway and is 90% complete
    • Underground plumbing complete and insepcted including concrete infill
    • Air Handler Unit #1 has been delivered

    Band & Music Rooms

    • Demolition work is complete
    • Masonry wall work is underway and 85% complete
    • Electrical rough-in work is complete
    • Air Handler Unit #2 is delivered and associated duct work is on site

    Math & Science Rooms

    • Demolition work is complete
    • Unanticipated abatement work is complete
    • Underground plubming work is complete and plumbing inspection pending
    • Ductwork on site, work is 70% complete
    • Electrical ceiling rough-in work is complete
    • Stud framing work has begun and is 20% complete
    • Mechanical piping is complete
    • Masonry work has begun and is 20% complete

    Exterior Courtyard

    • Demolition of the courtyard is underway and graded
    • Planter curbs are poured
    • Conduit runs for August 14th, ComEd work is complete
    • Planter soil will be placed prior to flatwork


    Construction photos below:

    • Security and Mobility

    • STEM Curriculum and Large Group Instruction Spaces

    • Instructional Modernization

    • Common Elements Renovation