English Learners (EL)

  • In compliance with Illinois School Code (23 IL Adm. Code 228.15) all students have a Home

    Language Survey completed when registering in the District. When a Home Language Survey
    indicates another language is spoken in the home the District is required to screen the student for
    English proficiency within 30 days of enrollment.


    Identified students are placed in EL Programming based on their English Language Proficiency
    in four domains; listening, speaking, reading, and writing:


    Level 1: Survival English Class/Language/Literacy Class
    Levels 2-3: Language/Literacy Class
    Levels 3-4: Writing Support Class
    Levels 5-6: Monitor Exited Student for Two Years


    Parents will receive notification of their child's eligibility and services that are available. EL
    Programming is provided at all three buildings.


    Parents must provide written revocation of services if they do not wish their child to participate
    in the program. The State requires non-participating students to take the ACCESS test annually

    until an exit composite score of 4.8 is achieved.


    All identified students take the State ACCESS test annually to monitor progress in English


    Parents seeking information on American schools or services our local community provides are
    encouraged to contact the Niles Township ELL Parent Center. The ELL Parent Center provides
    information and services that will assist in your child's education.
    Contact Diana Juarez at 847-568-7617.