• Humanities and social studies are co-taught together by Ms. Berk and Mr. Salski. The writing will be driven by what is done in social studies. We will incorporate simulations, projects, debates, stations, research, and much more.

    The following will be our social studies units for the year:

    1. Types of Government: Email Writing, Job Application
    2. Ancient Rome-review: Persuassive, Claim, evidence, & warrants
    3. Middle Ages: Narrative Writing, Poetry
    4. Renaissance: Expository 
    5. Exploration: Persuasive 
    6. Colonization: Persuasive, Expository 
    7. American Revolution: Persuassive, Claim, evidence, & warrants
    8. U.S. Government: Emails & Letters 


    ALL 7th graders must pass the Constitution Test. This will occur in the spring. We will prepare in April, and more information will be sent home in preparation for this test.

    Humanities will integrate the Common Core within the social studies curriculum. Students will participate in many speaking and listening activities this year through a series of projects, which include debates, persuassive presentations, etc.


    PARCC and Common Core! Click below!