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24-25 Parent / Student Handbook

NWEA MAP Testing Guide

24-25 iPad Student Handbook

MAP Testing Script

23-24 Parent / Student Handbook

NWEA MAP Testing Guide

23-24 iPad Student Handbook


TH Family Resources

TH Family Resource

Pre-K to 2nd grade family resources

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Google Classroom Info

Classroom information for 2nd - 8th grade

MAP Proctor Guide

Schoology for Families

Parent guide, logging in, email, notifications, etc.


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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

You are not alone, call 800-273-8255

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Crisis Text Line

Text HELLO to 741741

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Safe 2 Help

Dial: 844-4-SAFEIL,
Text: SAFE2 (72332),
Email: HELP@Safe2HelpIL.com


Lincolnwood School District 74 has created a Parent Technology Toolkit to provide families with tools, resources, and information related to raising children in the Digital Age. This page is envisioned as having a library of articles, videos, and other documents that are meant to assist parents/guardians when helping to manage their child’s electronic life. There will also be regular information pertaining to the District’s digital citizenship curriculum. Digital citizenship includes topics such as: safe handling of electronic devices, online etiquette, conducting effective and accurate Internet searches, privacy, and the role of social media in one’s life. Please visit this page regularly.

NOTE: ONLY the content included on SD74's Parent Technology Toolkit are endorsed by the District. Additional resources published by the content resource are not endorsed by SD74 unless otherwise noted.


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Powerschool Login Portal

Click for access to powerschool parent portal


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Schoology Parent Account Tutorial

Learn about all things schoology like homework, email, student activity and enrollment.

NWEA MAP Testing Guide

Taking It Mobile

Using the schoology iOS app as a parent.