• Please read Lincolnwood School District 74's Emergency Closing Information regarding emergency closing procedures.


    If you find that you are not being reached successfully through our alert system, please contact your school office:


    • Lincolnwood School District 74: 847-675-8234
    • Lincoln Hall Middle School: 847-675-8240
    • Rutledge Hall School: 847-675-8236
    • Todd Hall School: 847-675-8235


    School Closing Reporting Outlets:


    Direct Telephone Call & Text Message to Parents/Guardians


    AM Radio: WGN 720 WBBM 780



    CBS Channel 2

    NBC Channel 5

    ABC Channel 7

    WGN Channel 9

    FOX Channel 32 CLTV News



    Go to emergencyclosingcenter.com:

    • Search for your school by typing the name and city or by the main phone number of the school.
    • Receive an email notification of a change made by a school by signing up on their website at www.emergencyclosings.com.