• Lincolnwood School District 74 2019-24 Strategic Plan


    VISION STATEMENT: Children empowered for life.


    MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to build a community of learning that inspires curiosity, compassion and actively engaged students striving for excellence.


    2019-24 GOALS & OBJECTIVES


    1. Provide and measure student achievement opportunities in school curriculum and extracurricular activities to personalize student learning, advance rigor, and promote creativity.
      1. Enhance instruction and learning, technology, Common Core standards, and assessments for improved student engagement in the classroom through a continued 6-year cycle of curriculum review and professional development.
      2. Differentiate the educational experience to effectively engage, appropriately challenge, measure academic growth, and ensure mastery of Standards.
      3. Continue opportunities for students to become more emotionally and socially competent in school, work, and beyond so they are better able to: focus themselves, persevere through a difficult task, collaborate in a group, learn from a mistake, set goals and priorities, and develop other skills that affect academic achievement and empower children for life.
      4. Promote extracurricular activity participation for students in younger grade levels (Todd Hall & Rutledge Hall).


    1. Continue to engage community stakeholders.
      1. Increase use of school facilities after hours (auditorium, gym, etc.).
      2. Continue hosting, supporting, and attending collaborative events with Lincolnwood entities; village, library, chamber, etc.
      3. Develop new structures for on site and online parent education opportunities throughout the school year.
      4. Utilize the new Language Translation Program for current and incoming families to help enhance clearer home-school communication.


    1. Enhance and maintain student and staff safety preparedness.
      1. Establish a School Safety & Security Committee.
      2. Develop an annual schedule for student and staff safety trainings.
      3. Conduct ongoing evaluation of arrival and dismissal campus traffic routes.
      4. Keep safe and efficient facilities at the forefront of all planning.