• 2014-­2019 Strategic Plan Summary

    Children empowered for life. 


    Our mission is to build a community of learning that inspires curiosity, compassion and actively engaged students striving for excellence.


    1. Develop and implement curriculum that leads to improved academic performance.
    2. Promote programs for the health and well-­‐being of students.
    3. Strengthen community outreach and collaboration.
    4. Develop and implement plans for safe and efficient facilities.
    5. Provide opportunities for staff development.




    Goal # 1: Develop and implement curriculum that leads to improved academic performance.
    A. Develop, implement and digitally archive a rigorous, cohesive PreK-­‐8 curricula that is aligned to CCSS.
    B. Implement a STEM program at the Middle School.
    C. Investigate the expansion of STEM concepts to the Elementary schools.
    D. Annually review all local assessments to ensure quality, frequency and usefulness as they relate to student achievement and instructional time.
    E. Expand experiential learning programming for the whole child.
    F. Provide a learning environment and necessary resources which promote the improvement of student academic performance in order to compete nationally.


    Goal # 2: Promote programs for the health and well-­‐being of students.
    A. Annually review and expand afterschool offerings.
    B. Review and adjust District practices/procedures to reduce bullying incidents.
    C. Review, develop and implement a food service program that increases student participation by serving a variety of delicious, nutritious meals.


    Goal # 3: Strengthen community outreach and collaboration.
    A. Offer opportunities that promote ethnic diversity within the school community.
    B. Develop effective forms of communication between District 74 and the school community.
    C. Increase opportunities for parent involvement within District 74.
    D. Seek opportunities to collaborate with community partners to enhance student learning and facility use.
    E. Provide opportunities for parent/community education within District 74.


    Goal # 4: Develop and implement plans for safe and efficient facilities.A. Analyze, plan and put into action safe, efficient and effective arrival and dismissal procedures at all 3 schools.
    B. Develop and implement a long‐term renovation plan for Lincoln Hall.
    C. Adapt learning spaces to adjust for innovation.
    D. Develop and implement short and long term plans to manage District 74 resources.


    Goal # 5: Provide opportunities for staff development.
    A. Look at calendar options for embedded professional development opportunities.
    B. Create a robust staff development system which will enhance student academic and social emotional growth.