• Dear Rutledge Hall School Community,


    This school year, students and staff at Rutledge Hall are focusing on goal-driven and student-focused initiatives to achieve the District vision of building a community of learning that inspires curiosity, compassion and actively engaged students striving for excellence.


    Started in 2016, teacher leaders have been continuously engaging staff in the development of goals at various levels of the school and an aligned professional development model to achieve shared goals. With a focus on improving learning and student growth for students, some outcomes include increased personalized learning and curricular updates across several areas of the school. We refer to this essential work as “Goal-Driven & Student-Focused” (illustrated below).

    Goal-Driven & Student-Focused

    In addition to these focus areas, the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports Program (PBIS) continues with the Rutledge Hall T.R.A.C.K. guide (encouraging students to Take Responsibility and Choose Kindness). Rutledge Hall provides students with several learning opportunities and celebrations to support our students and their “on-TRACK” achievements throughout the year.


    Thank you, parents and family members, for partnering with faculty and staff to achieve goals and support student development for all of our amazing students at Rutledge Hall.




    Scott Grens



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    Mr. Scott Grens