Reading Mastery is a complete basal reading program that uses the Direct Instruction method to help students master essential decoding and comprehension skills. The program places particular emphasis on teaching thinking skills and helping students acquire background knowledge. Program materials include fully scripted lessons to guide teachers through carefully constructed instructional steps - modeling new content, providing guided practice, offering individualized practice, and applying skills. It also utilizes a special orthography designed to assist students to identify letter sounds. The special font is later phased out and replaced with traditional orthography. Signals and group responses are used to keep students involved, help them stay on task, and help with lesson pacing. Teachers assess student performance throughout the program, and struggling students receive practice through remedial exercises. Each level of the program typically spans one academic year. A typical 30- to 45-minute lesson includes seven to nine short activities encompassing multiple strands of content including:

    • Phonemic Awareness
    • Letter-Sound Correspondence
    • Sounding Out of Words
    • Word Recognition
    • Vocabulary
    • Oral Reading Fluency
    • Comprehension