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    Thank you to the entire community for the welcome I received during my first year in Lincolnwood School District 74. The community’s unwavering support of the school district was apparent in every curricular and extracurricular event I attended throughout the school year. In each of these experiences, the talents and capabilities of the District’s students were readily on display. Whether explaining an APP they created, performing a musical piece, reciting and analyzing poetry, or describing methods to solve the math problem of the day; students were engaged in the learning and giving their best effort.


    New learning spaces have allowed teachers to more flexibly group students and implement curricular projects that cross multiple learning areas. Additionally, many teachers worked on curriculum review committees at some point during this past year. There are several curricular initiatives that will be in various stages of implementation when classes resume in August. First, our K-5 Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program called Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Launch will be expanded. Dedicated teaching specialists at Todd Hall and Rutledge Hall will move the program beyond an introduction (as was the case in this first year of implementation) to completing multiple units of study within the program. A team of teachers from across the District is working to develop a more articulated scope and sequence of instruction around the topic of digital citizenship. Digital citizenship refers to the skills and experiences students require to use the Internet responsibly, effectively and safely. This group has evaluated the District’s current practices, determined areas of adjustment, and identified necessary resources for future implementation of lessons.


    In 2018-2019, Pre-K-5 teachers will continue developing priority Common Core State Standards in English/Language Arts. Within this project, teachers are developing deeper understanding for what each standard asks students to do and how skills are differentiated between grade levels. The end goal is a defined list providing teachers with a clearer sense of students' prerequisite knowledge, points of emphasis for the current grade and where students are going in their future learning. Finally, new core program materials will be implemented in Pre-K-5 math and middle school science.


    Thank you again for a wonderful first year in Lincolnwood School District 74.


    Dr. David L. Russo
    Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction


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