• We recognize that persons aged 10-15 years old are experiencing a period of rapid and uneven growth; we hold that they have a special set of needs unique to this period of transition. Life at ages 10-15 had verifiable stages of psychological, social, and physical development which require understanding and empathy from supportive adults. As middle school educators, we believe:


    • Teachers are the key to an effective middle school program.
    • Supportive administration, school board, and parents are essential for teachers to be effective.
    • Adults create a positive atmosphere toward learning and respect in the school environment. A climate that promotes intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and aesthetic growth is generated by parents, administrators, teachers, and all staff members.
    • The most important purposes of the Lincoln Hall Middle School are the educational achievement and growth of the students in all subjects and at all grade levels.

        Other goals include:
      • Preparing learners for their future studies and their future responsibilities in an American society
      • Increasing consciousness about social concerns
      • Developing self-awareness
      • Expanding sensitivity and a cooperative attitude to others
      • Adopting a positive response approach to conflict

    The Lincoln Hall Middle School program provides for a wide range of individual differences in the 10-15 age group. Our programs provide a wide range of activities to accommodate the interests and creative energies of the 10-15 year old. These activities are appropriate and challenging for groups and individuals within groups. The net worth of each individual, teacher, and student are the emphases of the entire school. Instruction focuses on learning how-to-learn in the academic and expressive arts disciplines and in all experiential activities at the Lincoln Hall Middle School. Social interaction and active participation are two of the most effective modes of instruction for the 10-15 year old age group.


    As middle school educators, our instruction leads students toward a growing sense of responsibility, integrity, self-discipline, self-respect, and reasoned judgment.