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8th Grade Social Studies

Welcome to 8th Grade Social Studies.  We will study United States history in the 19th and 20th centuries.  
Most content, including homework, assessments, assignment calendar can be found on my Schoology page.   

What you need to bring?  EVERYDAY:

  1. Social Studies book/Ipad
  2. Social Studies notebook and folder (accordian)
  3. Something to write with - pen (blue/black) or pencil 
  4. Respect for all ideas and opinions

Can I have a snack?

Yes, a snack not a meal, individual size portions.  Something healthy (No chips, candy, etc...)  Most important, clean up after yourself.  If I have to pick up wrappers and stuff, no more snacks. 

Using the restroom, getting a drink, leaving the class:

   1.   Scan the QR code with your iPad.  
   2.  Take care of your business in a timely fashion.
   3.  Rescan the QR code with your iPad.


Can I turn in work late?
Yes, sort of.  If you turn it in during the unit we are studying, I will accept it and regrade.  If you turn it in later, I will erase the zero, but you will not receive full credit.


Can I retake tests, quizzes, essays?  If so, how?
Yes, sometimes.  Any test/quiz you score below a 70% (D or below) you can retake to raise your grade to a C (70%) to meet the learning standard. 

  1. Complete all reading and notes that were assigned for that unit.
  2. Make corrections and have them checked by Mr. DuPriest.
  3. Retake the test - 10th period, before/after school.

You may revise all writing assignments for full credit.

(note: Mr. DuPriest reserves the right to change the retake requirements based on the needs of the individual student)

Are we going to do anything fun this year?
That's up to you...

Most importantly is to have an open mind and show respect to all ideas, especially the one different than yours.