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This week you could hear the roars coming from our classroom as we learned all about dinosaurs.  The children were very excited to share all they already knew as we played with various sized dinosaurs all week long.  We enjoyed the books Pete the Cat - Cavecat Pete, Bones, Bones, Dinosaur Bones by Byron Barton, Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp by Carol Diggory Shields, and Groovy Joe Ice Cream and Dinosaurs by Eric Litwin.  The children used model magic to create some dinosaur fossils.  We also made some exploding volcanoes with vinegar and baking soda.  We continued our ABC countdown by making noodle necklaces, doing an obstacle course (outside our classroom in the hall since it was raining), wearing our pajamas and planting flower seeds - finally!, having some quiet time, and doing some races.  It has been so fun reviewing the letters each day.

Next week we'll be talking about our favorite things.  We will read some of our favorite stories, and the children will choose their favorite things to play with during center time.  We will continue to countdown with the letters S - don’t forget to send something for show and tell, T - team color day, U - snack under the tree (if it is still not raining), and V - visit North Park Nature Center.

Important Dates and Upcoming Themes:

  • Monday, May 27 - NO SCHOOL
  • Theme for the week of 5/28 - Our Favorite Things
  • ABC Countdown Letters - S, T, U, V
  • Friday, May 31st - Field trip to the North Park Nature Center