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This week was all about Clifford the Big Red Dog.  Clifford and his friends visited our class and we enjoyed many of his books, including Clifford the Big Red Dog, Clifford’s Busy Week. Clifford’s Ice Cream Mess, Clifford the Small Red Puppy, and Clifford’s Family.  The children made Clifford’s head by glueing shapes.  They also made a bone for Clifford and a dog house. We made some puppets to use in our puppet theater as well.  The children pretended they were veterinarians and took care of our class pets and looked at x-rays. They also got the chance to play in the sand table.  Mr. Edman came in and challenged the children to build a house big enough for Clifford using our special Bildopolis Building Set. Mrs. Nasby also started her Second Step social language lessons by teaching us the listening rules.

In our writing lessons the children continued to practice position words (ex. above, below, around, etc.) with the wood pieces.  In our math lessons we continued to talk about how to describe objects (attributes) with words like think and thin. We also tried to figure out if we had enough of something so everyone could get one (quantity).  In our reading lessons, we listened for different sounds, and we talked about the difference between a picture, a letter and a word.

Next week we will be learning all about apples.  We have some fun cooking activities planned to go along with our theme.

Important Dates and Upcoming Themes:

  • Theme for the week of 9/17 - Apples
  • Friday, September 28th - PBIS celebration
  • Theme for the week of 9/24 - Transportation