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Community Helpers

This week we learned all about people in our community who help us.  We started the week by reading the book Me on the Map by Joan Sweeney.  We talked about how we live in a house, on a street, in a town, in a state, in a country and in the world. We then focused on our town of Lincolnwood.  The children each decorated a house and added it to a map. During the week we then read books about doctors, mail carriers, and police officers. The children were able to dress up like a variety of helpers, like vets, doctors and nurses.  We used our class toys to take on these jobs and act out different activities. We also had a class grocery store this week and mailbox to use. It was a lot of fun pretending to be these different helpers. We were so lucky to have some helpers visit our class too!  Nurse Meg came and talked to us about how she helps us. Officer Martin from the Lincolnwood Police Department stopped by and shared about her job. The Lincolnwood Parks and Recreation Department come in as well. They brought us some fun surprises and taught us a lot.  Check out the pictures tab to see our visits!

This week in our STEM lesson with Mrs. Joe the children learned about sinking and floating.  We watched a short video and then the children we able to test a variety of objects in water to see what would happen.  We sorted the objects into groups depending on if they sank or floated.

In our math lessons we started our second chapter about sorting.  We focused on how objects like socks and buttons were the same and different.  In our writing lessons the children continued working in their writing books. We colored some insects and traced lines up, down and around.  We also used our wood pieces to make Mat Man. This activity is designed to help us learn how to draw a person. In our reading lessons, we also worked on the concept of same and different.  We listened to words and decided if they were the same. We also talked about the special letter that starts each of our names.

Next week we'll be learning about firefighters and fire safety.  

Important Dates and Upcoming Themes: 

  • Theme for the week of 10/7 - Fire Safety
  • Monday, October 14th and Tuesday, October 15th - NO SCHOOL
  • Theme for the week of 10/14 - Clifford the Big Red Dog
  • Thursday. October 17th - Pre-K Family Game Night 5:30-6:30