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Community Helpers

Over the past two weeks we have learned all about people in our community who help us. We started by talking about our town of Lincolnwood.  The children each decorated a house and added it to a map. During the week we then read books about doctors, mail carriers, and police officers. The children were able to write letters and put them in our mailbox, and look at animal x-rays.  We were so lucky to have some helpers visit our class too! Officer Martin from the Lincolnwood Police Department stopped by and shared about her job. This week we have been focusing on fire fighters and fire safety.  They children have been putting out pretend fires in our classroom and played a fun fire truck counting game with Ms. Tran.  On Thursday the Lincolnwood Fire Deparment visited our school.  They showed us all their tools and what they look like in their full uniform.  Check out the photos tab to see our visits!

Curriculum Lessons and Topics:

Math: We continued using attributes to describe objects.  Last week we focused on size.  The children looked at different shapes to see if they we big or small, long or short, and thick or thin.

Handwriting: We have started working on our handwrting books.  They children have been practicing how to hold a crayon correctly.  We have also been talking about how we use little scibbles to color in our pictures.

Language and Literature (Reading): We talked about the parts of a book - front. back, title, author, etc.  We also conitnued to practice listening for different sounds. 

Second Step: The lesson this week focused on asking for what we need or want.  We talked about how you need to look at the person, use a big voice, and use nice words to ask for help.  

STEM: Mr. Edman focused on following directions and planning out what you want to do before you do it.  These are the first steps to learn how to code.  To practice this skill, the children played follow the leader and had a dance party.  


Important Dates and Upcoming Themes: 

  • Theme for the week of 10/18 - Farm
  • Theme for the week of 10/25 - Pumpkins
  • Thursday, October 28th - Pre-K Halloween Celebration - watch for a note with more information
  • Friday, October 29th - 1/2 day of school
    • AM Class - NO SCHOOL
    • PM Class - attend from 8:25-11:25