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Community Helpers

Last week we learned about our community and people who help us.  On Monday we got a visit from a doctor. We talked about the tools he uses and how he helps us be healthy.  On Tuesday we got a visit from Officer Martin from the Lincolnwood Police Department. She talked to us about strangers and how she keeps us safe.  We then made our own walkie-talkies, just like she uses. On Wednesday, Nurse Meg visited our class. She showed us some of the tools she may use if we visit her office when we are not feeling well.  On Thursday we listened to the story I Stink by Jim McMullan and Kate Mcmullan.  We then made some garbage trucks.  On Friday, we added some ‘garbage’ to our trucks.  We also had a visit from Lincolnwood Parks and Rec.  They told us about how they help keep our community beautiful and provide so many fun activities.

This week we will talk about Fire Safety.  We will discuss how to evacuate a building, what to do if our clothes catch on fire, and other ways to be safe. We will make fire helmets and play in our fire truck. On Friday, we will have a chance to meet some of the Lincolnwood Fire Fighters and see a real truck.

In our writing lessons the children practiced using tiny scribbles to color in red, green, yellow and purple objects.  In our math lessons we introduced the concept of position. We worked on above and below, and inside and outside. In our reading lessons we talked about words that rhyme.  We also worked on following directions with the song ‘Hokey Pokey’ and answering questions with the book Mat Man Hats.

We look forward to seeing you at Game Night on Thursday.  We hope you will be able to join the fun.

Important Dates and Upcoming Themes:

  • Theme for the week of 10/8 - Fire Safety
  • Wednesday, October 10th - Picture retake day - Please let us know if you want your child’s picture taken that day
  • Thursday, October 11th - Pre-k Family Game Night
  • Theme for the week of 10/15 - Farm