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Polar Animals

This week we talked about animals that actually love all this cold weather.  We started the week learning all about polar bears. We read a nonfiction book to find our some new information.  We learned that polar bears have black skin under the white fur and that their favorite thing to eat is a seal. We also talked about where the polar bears live and how the sky is always dark in the winter, except for the northern lights.  The children then used watercolor paint to make the sky and then added ice, snow and of course, polar bears. We ended the week learning about penguins. We talked about how they live the in south pole and not all penguins live in the cold.  We learned about the largest penguin, the Emperor, and how the daddy takes care of the egg making sure it does not touch the ice. The children pretended to be the daddy penguin and balance an egg of their feet. The children all looked great dressed in black and white like a penguin on Friday!

In our reading lessons this week we talked about how words are made up of parts called syllables.  We practiced clapping the syllables in our names and other words. We also practiced making our own stories based in a picture.  In our math lessons we talked more about patterns. We used a xylophone to make a sound and color pattern. In our writing lessons, we practiced making the letters I and U.

Next week we will talk about snowflakes.  Since it is a short week, we will spend time reviewing our reading, math and writing concepts taught over the last few weeks.  

Important Dates and Upcoming Themes:

  • January 21st and January 22nd - NO SCHOOL
  • Theme for the week of 1/21 - Snowflakes
  • Theme for the week of 1/28 and 2/4 - Oceans and the Beach
  • Friday, February 1st - Pre-k Beach Day!