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Old McDonald Had a FARM...

Old McDonald Had a FARM…

This week we discussed Farms.  What kind of food we get from a farm (animal and vegetable) and how that food gets to the grocery store, where we then buy it for our homes.  The children played with farm animals, created their own farms with blocks and other items in the classroom, colored pictures and animals to create our farm scene in the hallway.

We focused on letters I and U.  I for corn that is IN the silo and U for eggs UNDER the Hen as well as other words that begin with these letters.  We talked about words that rhyme and played with rhyming words as we read, “ Farmyard Beat”, “A Big Red Barn”, and “A Big Fat Hen”.  In Math this week, we continue to talk about position and direction. This week we learned Top, Middle and Bottom, Front and Back and Left and Right. In addition to practicing “Front and Back” daily as we line up, we also practiced our position and direction skills with the help of Mr. Edman and his Beebots, as we programmed the Beebots on a map to move fruits and vegetables from one place to another. That was a both a challenge and a lot of fun.

We have been working on our writing skills with our “My First Schoolbooks”. We are practicing proper way to hold a crayon  and talking about using small strokes to color small spaces and bigger strokes to cover bigger spaces.  As we progress in the books we will be covering proper letter and number formation.

Next week our focus will be on Pumpkins and Harvest…it will be a fun week with baking and pumpkin investigations.

I hope all of you have a nice weekend.

Upcoming Events:

October 31          -- Halloween Party (AM &PM) attend at 8:25 – See Flyer

November 2 – Field Trip – Emily Oaks Nature Center