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7th Grade English

Summer Reading List

- "The False Prince" by Jennifer Nielson

- "The Inquisitor's Tale" by Adam Gidwitz

Advanced (Both of the above, and)

- "The Marrow Thieves" by Cherie Dimaline

(optional) Fill out a report for each book: Summer Reading Book Report


This year in English, our students will be learning about: 


Elements of Plot: Characters, setting, Conflict, Resolution…

Literary Elements: Author’s craft, figurative language, point of view…

Comprehension, Fluency, Accuracy



Author’s purpose, Text features, Main idea, details, summary…



Affixes: Prefix, Root, Suffix

Our year will be broken up into 5 units:
  1. Fiction short stories

  2. Drama

  3. Non-Fiction

  4. Poetry

  5. Novel Studies

You will be expected to complete a lot of independent reading this year!

Regular students are required to read one book a month.

GATE/Advanced students are required to read two books per month.

Students are required to complete a book report on each book they read. These reports can be found on Google Classroom. There is one for fiction and one for non-fiction books.

Students can read any book that interests them as long as it is challenging enough. This means that students should be checking their books to make sure it is within their lexile range. Your child's Lexile can be found on their MAP goal setting sheet.

A completed, well written book report will be worth 25 points.

Schoology and Powerschool:

Schoology: Assignments and Class Materials

Powerschool: Grades


Your child is responsible for keeping track of his or her assignments and grades. If he or she misses school for any reason, all of the materials they missed can be found on schoology. They should make up their missing work as soon as possible!