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October in Second Grade

October is more beautiful each day!  The fall colors are something I missed in Texas.  Be sure to send children in layers as it can be chilly outside and very warm inside!

Ambrose's Awesome Ones


What have we been up to?


ALL of our butterflies hatched!  We have six that we will be releasing this Friday afternoon in the courtyard.  We have been observing and recording our observations in our science journals and are excited to see them grow and watch them fly off to live their lives in nature.


Our visit to The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum was a fun day.  We learned more about metamorphosis, made models of the butterfly life cycle and visited the butterfly haven where a beautiful butterfly landed right on my shoulder!  We also had many hands on experiences in the Riverworks, Mysteries of The Marsh and Green House exhibits.  We observed ponds and the cityscape from the 3rd floor outdoor garden walk and watched scientists perfoming a taxidermy project with a squirrel and a bird.  It was fascinating!  Thank you to all of the parents who came along and helped with extra eyes, ears and hands.  You helped make the trip super successful.


In Math we have begun working on skip counting and arrays...the building blocks of multiplication.


In Reading we are identifying text features such as titles, subtitles, capitons, maps, diagrams and even more importantly, identifying why they are important.  We are also learning to ask and answer higher level questions to build our critical thinking skills.  Examples of questions stems are:  Why do you think that?  How can you tell...?  How can you prove...?  Can you explain...?  


We are continuing our work in opinion writing.  We are learning the symbols of revising and editing and how to use them correctly.  We are talking about using powerful words and voice in our writing to make it clear, interesting communication.


Halloween is coming and a letter will be coming home soon talking about that half day.

It truly is a joy for me to get to spend my days with your children.  If you ever want to come in and read to the class or just visit, let me know and we can schedule a time.  

Be sure to check out the photos on the site from our field trip! 

Mrs. Ambrose