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Fall is in full swing!  We are all enjoying the colorful show outside of our windows.  I surely missed this magnificent display in Texas!

What have we been up to?

We have begun 2 digit addition.  We are employing the strategies of using base ten blocks and making ten to make adding easier.  Along the way we are reviewing place value.  

We are about to begin our final opinion peiece of writing.  We finished our Cats vs. Dogs piece where each student chose which animal they would prefer as a pet and listed three reasons why.  We are focusing on word choice, for example, instead of good/bad/happy/sad, we use powerful and descriptive words like enormous and tiny and overjoyed and sorrowful!  Watch our vocabulary stretch and grow!

We are in the middle of Tale of Despereaux as our read aloud and the story gets more interesting each day!

We continue to identify and prove the main topic of a text or a paragraph within a text, identify setting, main characters and text features.

We have learned some basic map vocabulary and how to read a grid.

What's coming up?


Be sure to sign up online!  This is a wonderful opportunity to check in with each other and check on your child's progress in school.  I will be holding my conferences on

Wednesday, November 7 @ 3:30 - 6:00 (I will not be having conferences on the 14th due to my son's choir concert)

Thursday, November 15 @ 3:30-7:00. 

If neither of these dates/times works for you, please contact me and we can set up an alternative time.


Remember we will be off the entire week!


Starts when we come back from break!

Be sure to check our photo page every now and then for pics featuring the fabulous students of Room 212, my Awesome Ones!

Mrs. Ambrose