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SD74 Assemblies Honor Family and Community Member Veterans

In honor of Veterans Day on Friday, November 11th, Rutledge Hall and Lincoln Hall resumed hosting their traditional assemblies. Both assemblies included student-written poetry, presentations, and musical performances. The District also invited family members, loved ones and community members who served in the armed forces to be honored and recognized at each assembly. 

Rutledge Hall Veterans Day Assembly  Rutledge Hall Veterans

At Rutledge Hall, students were treated to a presentation of the flag by the local Honor Guard. Band, Orchestra and Chorale performed various patriotic songs at Lincoln Hall. 

Thank You Veterans TAPS performance

Veterans were also treated to complimentary breakfast, coffee and gift bags made by students.

Todd Hall students were given the opportunity to learn about and honor veterans through various Social Studies activities. Students at all grade levels also honored Veterans Day by wearing red, white and blue clothing.  

The District is grateful and thankful for those who joined us, including veterans from the assisted living facility, Lincolnwood Place.