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Rutledge Hall Students Present Alice in Wonderland Art Installation

Collage of Alice in Wonderland art installation pictures

Rutledge Hall dived deep into Wonderland's rabbit hole to create an art illustration in their hallways. Mrs. Michelle Wielgosz, Rutledge Hall’s art teacher, and the 5th grade selected the theme for the school in honor of their last year. The whole school became more curious while we transformed the hallway into a forest containing mushrooms, flowers, and much more. Each student at the school created something in this installation, with a dramatic opening on October 28, 2022.

Six students shared their experiences with the Lincolnwood School District 74 Board of Education during their meeting on January 12, 2023. Eleni F. and Lisi O. shared the 5th-grade experience of creating mushrooms out of chicken wire and plaster. They highlighted how wonderful it was that each mushroom was unique to reflect the personality of each 5th-grade artist that created them. Karly K. and Caleb V. did not hold back how much the 4th-grade students' flowers were a huge part of the installation. Inspired by Claude Monet, 4th-grade students created 3-D flowers with lily pads to create the path viewers walked through to view all the artwork. Aymen S. and Anastasia S. summed up how the 3rd grade created the mood of the installation with a Kandinsky-inspired forest. Each 3rd-grade student made a shadow tree with an Expressionism background.

Some students in each grade wanted to add more by creating different characters to bring to life the wonder of Wonderland. Thanks to all the help from staff and students, we were able to physically light up the hallways with art and light. Some even dressed up for the experience as well. To bring in the marvel of the experience, Rutledge Hall’s music teacher, Mrs. Hillary Schroer, played music during the installation. This was truly a wonderful experience for all!


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