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STEM Teacher and Lincoln Hall Students Present Award-Winning Project

Salurbs City Future Cities Skit

During February’s Board of Education meeting seventh grade teacher, Steve Gerber, and a group of middle school students presented their Future Cities competition project. The project recently received an overall 3rd place finish in the Chicago regional competition. Future Cities is a national program that introduces students to engineering by designing a new city using simulation software, building scale models, writing essays, and giving an oral presentation on their city’s design. 


This year’s competition challenged students to research, design, and create a city that would exist 100 years in the future while incorporating futuristic solutions to climate change. The students designed a new city called Salurbs City. At the Board meeting, Future Cities members described their model and presented information on the city’s industries, leisure activities, technological advancements, and more. 


Congratulations to Natalija B., Bradin B., Michael C., Yianni F., Ana K., Aamir P., and Myles P. for all their hard work that was put into this project!