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Procedures in the Event of an Emergency Situation

September 2023

Dear SD74 families,

In the unfortunate event that an emergency or crisis situation occurs in our area or on our campus during the school day, we want you to know that District 74 safety protocols will be implemented. With the help of the Lincolnwood Police and Fire Departments, we have designed a safety plan that will assist us in effectively responding to these types of situations.

While your natural instinct as a parent or guardian in an emergency will be to come to the District to safeguard your child(ren), please understand that doing so may significantly impede our response capabilities, as well as those of our local emergency responders. It is vital that school officials and the police and fire departments have access to our buildings to manage the situation and give care to our students. In addition, students may not be on site as it may be necessary to evacuate them to another location in the event of immediate danger.

In an emergency or crisis situation, we need your cooperation and assistance, and ask that you please follow the guidelines below:

  • In the event of a crisis that requires the evacuation or relocation of students, the District will use its messaging system to reach families via text messages, phone calls, and/or emails and provide reunification information. In all other emergency situations, contact the District office at 847-675-8234.
  • Tune into major local television and radio stations for information on the situation and instructions on how to reunite with your child(ren).
  • When you travel to the reunification site, please be sure to bring a photo ID. Students will only be released to their legal parents or guardians, or authorized individuals listed on their emergency forms.

We thank you for your cooperation in regards to our emergency procedures. Our ultimate goal is the safety of your child(ren) while they are under our care.


Dr. David L. Russo
Superintendent of Schools

Jason Parrott
Chief of Police

Barry Liss
Fire Chief