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Lincoln Hall Students Conquer the Soccer Field and Experience the Middle Ages

At the regular Board of Education meeting on Nov. 2, Lincoln Hall principal Mark Atkinson recognized the Boys JV soccer team for winning the Little Nine Soccer Conference Championship last month.


The team had a perfect season, finishing with 12 victories and 0 losses. This is also the third consecutive year that the team has finished in first place, coach Tim Aguilla said.


Aguilla, a Niles Township District for Special Education (NTDSE) satellite teacher who shares coaching duties with Spanish teacher Michelle Lange, described how the love of soccer in the Lincolnwood community motivated the student-athletes to embrace the spirit of competition and have high expectations for the season. 




At the same meeting, Principal Atkinson introduced social studies teacher Mallory Weiss and her 7th grade students to highlight the annual Medieval simulation.


During their Middle Ages unit, students spent a few weeks studying the feudal structure, then participated in a 10-day hands-on simulation where they assumed the roles of various members of the feudal system. This included nobles, knights, townspeople, and serfs. Each role had its own set of tasks that contributed to a self-sufficient manor.


According to Weiss, the simulation is meant to help students learn how to communicate, be self-sufficient, and persevere through various daily hardships.