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Rutledge Hall Students Introduce Dwelling Project

At the regular Board of Education meeting on Jan. 11, Rutledge Hall principal Aliaa Ibrahim introduced 5th grade social studies teachers Lauren Creaves and Alexandra Gillespie, and students Affan A., Anaya E., Noah G., Mikias M., Romina R., Adilyn V., and Gabriella Y.


The group gave an overview of their recently completed Dwelling Project, for which they researched and built replicas of the home structures of Southwest Indigenous people. These included Wickiups – used by the Apache and Paiute people; Hogans – used by the Navajo people; and Pueblos – used by the Pueblo people.


“Normally in social studies, we’d expect to read and take notes only,” Adilyn said. “This time, it was fun to research, design, and build freely.”


The project grew from the Impact Social Studies program. Creaves and Gillespie redesigned existing lessons to create opportunities for more engagement and hands-on creative work.


“The best part of this project was that it took a lot of teamwork,” Noah said. “It reminded me of art class.”


Watch the Board presentation and learn more about the 5th grade Dwelling Project here.