Winter Weather Safety Cold Zones

Posted by Kristin Hayes on 10/23/2015

Outdoor Safety: Winter days can feel much colder than actual temperatures. When deciding how long to play outside safely the wind-chill factor is the most important.


Green Comfort Zone: 30° F and higher
If shivering bring indoors to warm up even if they insist that they are fine. It's a good idea to come inside every 40 minutes or so, just to warm up.


Yellow Caution Zone: 20° F - 30° F
Be cautious. Expect to see signs of chill sooner. Take short indoor breaks every 20-30 minutes. It's especially crucial to layer clothing, since they may ditch their coats if they get sweaty and need more than just a shirt on underneath.


Red Danger Zone: Below 20° F
Stay indoors.


Wind Chill Factor:

30° F = Chilly

15° F to 30° F = Cold

0° F to 15° F = Very cold

-20° F to 0° F = Bitter cold, significant risk of frostbite

-60° F to -20° F = Extreem cold, frostbite is likely to occur

Below -60° F = Frigid, exposed skin will freeze in one minute






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